Scary Times for LuLaRoe

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time for the LuLaRoe Halloween Capsule Release.  Let me start by telling you my story of Halloween 2016, it was a real nightmare! -pun intended

I was new to the world of LuLaRoe, only having bought the obligatory Black Leggings and a few Irma Tops, mostly for Casual Fridays.  This was way before the TC leggings drought, the Solids drought, Old Bless & New Bless, the too small Valentines, the lawsuits and the Holy Leggings outbreak, to name just a few of the major LuLa-Events of the past year.  Well, all I wanted was some Candy Corn or Sugar Skulls on some leggings, who knew that was such a tall order.  My new BFF, was a LLR consultant that had just started and was only about 6 weeks in, so she didn’t get any Halloween leggings, so I had to go troll about Facebook looking for multi-consultant groups or other consultants that might have them.  I scoured for days looking for my “unicorn” but either I was too late and there was the dreaded “SOLD” comment or they had none in my size (TC btw).  Finally I started watching Live Sales, where consultants start pulling leggings straight out the box and selling them on Facebook Live.  But no matter what device I used, laptop, Android or iPhone, I was never fast enough to comment “SOLD” and the number.  All hours of the night and day but never did I get any leggings.

Finally I found a Roulette Right to Buy, this intrigued me, it was only 10 days until Halloween and I needed something to wear!  So I gave it a try and WON, the right to be 2 pairs of Halloween Leggings at full retail price, one of which would be my beloved Candy Corn, the other a complete mystery until I received the box from my Retailer.  I ran as fast as my fingers could carry me to my Gmail to get that invoice paid.  Then I patiently perused some other LuLa Sites while my leggings were shipped.  Suddenly I found a retailer somewhere in New England that had another of my Unicorns, a purple pair with black cats and cauldrons, so I typed SOLD and paid that invoice as quickly as possible as well, since it was only 6 days before Halloween!

At last the Roulette Leggings arrived! only 4 days until Halloween! I ripped open the probably cute poly mailer and packaging, I didn’t notice, and pulled out the Candy Corn!! I think they actually smelled like Candy Corn for just a hot minute.  The 2nd pair was a dark purple with little white broken skeletons all over them.  I was in HEAVEN!  My Unicorn and a potential Unicorn I didn’t even know existed!!  I quickly started to clean up the packaging, finally noticing the lovely handwritten card as I shoved it and all the other packing into the poly mailer and pushed it to the bottom of my trash can so that the Husband wouldn’t see my silly purchase and the price tags (that would have been a real Horror Story) and started to fold up my leggings and add them to my growing stash.

Suddenly, as I put them in the closet, I noticed that they didn’t look right and took them back out to unfold them.  At this point I think I should mention that I had recently finished reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and had taken to folding my leggings in neat little packages that stand upright.  Hey! it was a New York Times Bestseller, I wasn’t the only crazy organization deprived mom that read it!  Anyway, that’s why the leggings didn’t look right…. they were SMALLER!!!  I unfolded the Candy Corn and made myself look inside at the tag… Yep!  you guessed it, ONE SIZE.  Then of course unfolded the other cute little skeleton bits and of course, ONE SIZE.  How could this happen??  I am a Tall & Curvy Girl – TC !!  and seriously unless I want to experience the Miracle of the Holy Leggings, it has to stay that way!

I stuffed the leggings back in the closet and ran for my phone, searched my Gmail for that invoice that I paid ever so quickly because if I hadn’t they would have gone to the NEXT person! and of course, there it was, both clearly said OS.  I was so completely dejected, how could I have been so stupid?  I couldn’t even remember if the Roulette had any instructions regarding SIZE!  It was CANDY CORN, for goodness sake!

Now there is only 4 days until Halloween and a weekend involved there was no way I was going to get any Halloween leggings in time.  Then it came to me, the CAULDRONS!  That back up pair that I didn’t even know I needed!  Sweet LuLa-Goodness I was saved!  I started searching my Gmail again, what was that lady’s name!!!   Finally I found my receipt where I had paid, that was 2 days ago, there would be time, even from whatever Eastern seaboard location it had to travel from to get to me in California!  But there was no shipping information or tracking.  So I went to my Facebook groups to look for her group so that I could message her to find out when my last resort leggings were arriving!  But of course I had left her group!  After all the late nights looking for leggings, I was  quite embarrassed I was in almost 100 groups, so I had left many, and wouldn’t you know it hers was one of them.  I requested to be added back and then just had to wait.  I didn’t really understand Facebook or Messenger, or really anything LuLaRoe at this point, after all, I’m MOM of Millennials not one myself, I barely used Facebook before LuLaRoe happened.  I replied to the email where the invoice had come from hoping my LuLa-Lady would get it soon and then began to stalk my mail box.  But nothing, literally nothing, it was as if the entirely digital world connected to me had ground to a halt.  I was still pending in her group, no email response, no package, nothing, for 2 MORE DAYS.  Finally I got a message from my LuLaLady, there had been a mix up and my leggings had not been mailed, she was going to refund my shipping and send them priority.  BUT it was SATURDAY!  and I live in California and you live in somewhere so far it will never get to me by Halloween, and they were the BACK UP Unicorn ….. you can see I was truly distraught.

Obviously this kind soul was not new to the LuLa-Crazy and offered to just refund my money, which of course I took.  I gave away the One Size Leggings to family members and swore off Holiday Leggings forever!

Now the rest of the story is that I became a retailer myself and now am anxiously waiting for a box of 2017 Halloween leggings that was supposed to be here last week and keeps getting delayed.  You would think I would know better, but I am sure there is some legging loving crazed woman out there that needs her CANDY CORN leggings before Halloween!  and I’m proud to be able to be the one to fill that need and let’s not forget it’s only September 25th.

Are you that Candy Corn loving lady?  Guess what this year it’s more than Leggings!  we have tops too!  Connect with me at any of my buttons and I’ll make sure you have a chance to get your Unicorn.

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