LuLaRoe with Laura Vaughan

I’m an LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailer.  If you have no idea what LuLaRoe (Loo-Lah-Row) is all about, let me introduce you to my favorite obsession! LuLaRoe is my game changer and I’m so happy to share it with you.

Hitting my 40’s and having Lupus has been difficult and I have struggled with my body image, self-confidence and haven’t felt comfortable in my clothes. Enter LuLaRoe. I learned of this fabulous fashion brand by word of mouth, thanks to my step daughter Karina, which lead me to Facebook shopping. Like many ladies, I decided to try ONE pair of black leggings and those amazing “buttah” leggings were so awesome I had to have more!!

The LuLaRoe fashion collections are beautiful, comfortable, and available in sizes XXS to 3XL.  I can freely admit I’m a plus size gal, it’s not a label I particularly like, and I don’t intend to wear it forever!  The extended sizes (up to 22-26) meant that I could wear these clothes and not feel singled out or sacrifice fashion for fit and I didn’t have to go shopping in a “special” store for bigger girls. Now I love getting dressed every day and never worry about the fit or “coverage” of my clothes, since they are modestly designed to cover your.. ahem assets!

I decided to become a retailer after I had already converted every item in my wardrobe to LuLaRoe.  I am a Registered Nurse but for the last 7-8 years have worked in the business world as I was no longer able to work in a hospital or long shifts and because Lupus is an immune system disorder, couldn’t be around sick people!!  In the beginning of 2017, I was working for an employer I didn’t like and had limited options of what type of work I could seek out do to my progressively worsening condition.  I started to do some research on the company behind the clothes and found their mission and values very appealing.  I had not intention (still don’t) of becoming the next LuLaRoe girl boss.  But I knew that I couldn’t just leave the workforce without something to do.  But also I needed something that I could do at my own pace, good days and BAD days.  When I thought about how much more confident and pretty I felt wearing LuLaRoe I knew I could help others in the same way.

Helping others feel beautiful and fabulous in their own skin has become my passion. Each piece starts with amazing design, specifically meant to flatter all body types. Then beautifully created prints are made into gorgeous fabric that is only cut in specific styles and sizes of about 5,000 pieces total. Which makes every piece limited edition. So if you love it, don’t let it get away!

Want to shop for some LuLaRoe with me?  Request to join my Facebook Shopping group by clicking HERE.  Mention you found the group from my website for an additional incentive 😉  At the bottom of the page is are some sneak peeks of my current inventory!

Did you know that you can receive free clothes by hosting an online or in home Pop Up Boutique? There’s no sales pitch and no pressure, you invite your friends to shop for stylish, comfortable clothes and I’ll hook you up in free stuff. Just message me below for more details!

Do you already LOVE the Fashion and Fun of LuLaRoe? Want to know how you can be a part if the movement that is changing lives, helping families and fulfilling dreams? Join my team at or message me, for more information, and I’ll tell you why this has been the best thing I’ve done in YEARS!

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LuLaRoe with Laura Vaughan is a home based women’s clothing boutique located in Shafter, California.  You can contact us directly at or by phone at (661) 776-5067.

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