Haters Need Not Read

I just had an amazing conversation with Fabiola from LuLaRoe Home Office today. She is part of the welcome team at LLR and was calling to check up on me since on boarding with the company about 2 1/2 months ago. This was NOT your average customer service survey type call. This lady was really wanting to know how I was doing!

I personally have not had any problems in my business that were the fault of LLR. Anything that has not been smooth going since my start ultimately was the result of “operator error” LOL. So Fabiola and I were able to have a great conversation about all the things!

I told her that while I was in the queue I was very frustrated about how information was passed on to those of us waiting. But that once I onboarded everything changed and I had more than enough information about the company and how to run my business. What I had failed to realize was that until I completed my contract with LLR, I didn’t have a relationship with LLR and would not understand all the complexities that make LLR different from other direct selling companies. Therefore I didn’t have a “need to know” or the privilege to know.  Which made my frustration, my problem, not a failure of LLR.

I know some retailers have had problems or concerns with changes in the company, and some products have had issues with quality. BUT this is true of ANY company. I have worked for fortune 500 companies, medium size organizations, small Mom & Pop businesses as well as watching my dad own a business for 40 years. Change is inevitable. The rate of change has increased exponentially in my 40+ years. LLR understands that and is growing with change. Fabiola told me that last year’s convention was for about 6,000 attendees and this year is geared for over 20,000! LuLaRoe’s amazing growth creates its own changes, many out of sheer necessity.
However, I can honestly say, never have I felt so comfortable and confident in an organization I work with, especially since to my experience they really do follow their values and mission statement.  Seriously, how many businesses have a weekly video call for ALL employees and contractors with the CEO?  I am so happy to be a part of an organization that has values and a mission that align with my own.  LuLaRoe consistently fosters my trust in them as a company by being true to their mission and core values, which are:  Through fashion we create freedom, serve others and strengthen families.  A place where lives are being blessed and dreams achieved through love, purpose, confidence, trust and growth (core values).  
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