Fundraising with LuLaRoe

Today I posted on my Facebook Page and in my Group a request for my customers to help me pick a charitable organization or cause to raise money for by shopping my LuLaRoe Boutique.  LuLaRoe has a generous matching program to help Retailers be an active part of their communities and promote the brand for the Retailer.  I love that I have chosen to partner with an organization that believes in giving and blessing others!

The compensation plan is somewhat complicated at first glance but when you consider that LuLaRoe is a billion dollar a year company it makes sense that there are minimums that need to be met to make it worth everyone’s time.  The Retailer, therefore needs to be donating at least $100 based on sales.  I currently donate to my church, a listener supported radio station and local homeless mission more than $100 per month without receiving a product, so the idea of donating a portion of my income was not a stretch for me.  Of course it also makes sense that in order to donate a portion of profits there has to be sales.

I always like to know how much of my contribution to an organization actually goes to help the need being served.  I decided to evaluate fundraising program in the same way, but determining how much, or what percent of profit was going towards the donation.  Once I did the math, I realized that together LuLaRoe and the Retailer are chipping in 10-20% of their profit per piece sold.  In comparison, the Amazon Smile program is only one half of one percent, 0.5%.  In today’s world this makes LuLaRoe a Social Enterprise, not just a Profit Driven Enterprise.  Couple that with the ability to chose the cause or organization that means something to me and my customers is a Win – Win for me!  I’ll post an update when my group decides on what we are going to support.  If you want to help chose the cause or shop to support our choice head over to my LuLaRoe Facebook Group and request to join!


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